Welcome to Hildegardisheim

The Hildegardisheim is a hostel for young women located in the heart of Stuttgart. It offers many activities for your recreation as aerobics, ping pong, swimming, skating, disco, international evenings, autogenous training, freestyle events, etc. You will also find a lot of information about a range of different events in the close proximity. The posters and flyers for these activities are provided on the notice-board on the first floor. For doing sports you will have the opportunity to train in the gym “Activcity”. More information is available on the website http://www.activcity.de/.

If you have any questions referring the reservation, please contact us via phone or email. You are always welcome to get yourself a personal impression of our hostel. Please arrange for an appointment with us before.

Here you will found the application form.


IN VIA / Hildegardisheim
Olgastrasse 62
70182 Stuttgart
phone +49 711 24 89 31-0
fax +49 711 24 89 31-31
e-mail: hh.infodontospamme@gowaway.invia-drs.de
Hostel manager: Mr. Fin Sokoll

Our business hours are:

Monday to Wednesday: 9am to 1pm
Thursday: 9am to 2pm
Friday: 9am to 1pm
Sunday: 4pm to 8pm
Saturday / Holidays: closed

Please note: our opening hours vary during the holiday season.




-   For stays up to one month (available only with board)
-   For stays one month or longer for residents under 18 years (available only with
-   Daily rate: including food from Monday to Friday and weekly cleaning of the room
    Prices 2023
    Prices 2024

On Saturdays, Sundays, federal holidays and other days (school holidays) no food
is possible, therefore minus 9.00 €/day.


The deposit is 300 €. Please pay the deposit early enough before your arrival and bring the confirmation of payment with you.

Banking connection:

Name of account holder: INVIA/Hildegardisheim
IBAN No.: DE02600501010002415514
BIC/Swift-Code: SOLADEST600

In exceptional cases, you can pay the deposit on arrival in cash. For this purpose, please contact the hostel before. If on your moving no further claims are made (for example outstanding rent), you will get the deposit back.


House rules


Cancellations up to one month before: 20% of the monthly rent is charged.
Cancellations less than one month before: 50% of the monthly rent is charged.
For non-commencement without cancellation: full month's rent is charged.
Incurred cancel charge we will take off your deposit.

Rental agreement
The rental agreement can be terminated effective the 15th or the last day of every month.
Notice must be given one month before departure.

Arrival and Departure

Mon: 8am - 1pm
Tue and Wed: 8am - 1pm
Thu: 8am - 2pm
Fri: 7am - 1pm and 8pm - midnight
Sat: 8pm - midnight
Sun: 4pm - 8pm
According to prior agreement other arival times are possible too.

Check-in starts 2pm (the guests' luggage can be lodged until move in).
As we check your identity card upon arrival, please bring this to the check-in.
If you wish to extend your stay, please indicate this as soon as possible at the reception.

On departure we ask you to vacate your room by 9:30am.
Please note: no arrivals on public holidays!


Long stay persons are asked to bring their own kitchen tools (as tableware, silverware, pots, pans, etc.). For guests with short stay and for guests with full board, kitchen tools will be provided.

If the beds are used without bed-linen, a fine for the dry cleaning has to be paid

Electrical appliances

Only electrical appliances with the CE sign may be used. Cooking and food preparation as well as the use of electrical appliances such as water boilers, immersion heaters or coffee machines are not allowed in the rooms.


Guests and visitors of any sex are always welcome in our house. Visiting hours are from 10 am to 11 pm.

Due to security reasons (theft, annoyance), we strictly recommend the following regulations:
-   Overnight stays of female visitors up to three days will be allowed upon timely
    application. A sleeping-bag is necessary and the fee is 5 € per night.
-   Overnight stays of male visitors are not allowed.
-   The visitors must be picked up from the resident at the main entrance and
    accompanied back at the departure.

Common rooms

Please take consideration for the other residents and leave the common rooms (kitchen, showers, bathrooms, living rooms) in a clean and proper state.


Residents are responsible for their rooms as well as for the common rooms. For any caused damage the resident will become liable. Please pay attention to your personal property and keep your door locked. The hostel does not accept any liability for theft or for damage to your personal property.

Night's rest

Night's rest starts at 10 pm. Please take consideration for the other guests and do not accept any calls on the floor phones after 10 pm.


The child protection law applies to girls under 18 years of age. Underage resident must enter and unsubscribe in the evening and on weekends. Exceptions for going out after midnight may only be granted after prior coordination with the parents.

Finishing remarks:

In the hostel are not allowed:
-   pets
-   drugs and high-proof alcoholic beverages
-   smoking in the rooms, the kitchens and the
    lounges. Smoking is only allowed in the lounge on the third floor.

Any damage found in the rooms must be reported in writing to the hostels head office within 14 days of arrival.

Floor reunions and hostel meetings are being organized regularly by our Youth Service workers.

Participation at those meetings is mandatory as important information concerning the hostel will be discussed.

The hostel management or authorized individuals are allowed to unlock the doors in case of danger, to assess and perform repairs, and to maintain order.

To guarantee a peaceful co-existence at our hostel, we ask you to stick to the above mentioned rules. The hostel management has the right to immediately terminate the rental agreement in case of non-compliance with the rules.