Railway mission

The Railway Mission offers unbureaucratic aid to rail travellers. Persons with mobility constraints are aided when changing trains or accompanied on regional transport. On selected routes, children travelling alone are taken care of. Full-time and voluntary staff are available at railway stations for small and big questions which cause stress for travellers.

  • Boarding- and exiting aid and accompaniment for mobility constrained persons. This should be applied for two days in advance in order to facilitate planning.
  • Waiting rooms to bridge the waiting time, shelters for girls or women in difficult situations.
  • Travellers suffering from social or emotional distress are provided with an opportunity to talk.
  • Information about the opening times and area of responsibility of Public and social Authorities; if required, referral to the social Aid network
  • Tiny, practical helps: a plaster, an ice bag in the case of injuries, a piece of twine for a broken suitcase, sewing on a button or a baby diaper.


Railway Mission Mobile

The Railway Mission also offer travel escort for senior citizens, children or for disabled persons on regional transport. We provide you and your loved ones with a professional travel companion to ensure a smooth journey. This involves you and your family being collected, accompanied to your destination and brought back home safely. They help with purchasing tickets and changing trains. We travel short distances comfortably and environmentally-friendly by bus and train  in Baden-Württemberg and the neighbouring regions.

Mobile Travel Aid

Travel companionship for families on Intercity Rail transport. Children between the age of 6 and 14 years can travel Fridays and Sundays respectively, in the company of a member of the Railway Mission staff. We offer this connections:

Stuttgart - Hamburg

Stuttgart - München

Stuttgart - Köln

Further connections:

Basel - Frankfurt

Berlin - Hamburg

Berlin - Frankfurt

Berlin - München

Hamburg - Köln

Frankfurt - Leipzig

Düsseldorf - Berlin

Further information (in german language) can be found here: Kids on Tour