Recognition Procedure Counselling

For Immigrants: You have acquired your qualifications abroad and would like to work in Germany? Depending on your occupation/profession, you can, or must have your qualification recognized here in Germany. We will discuss the possibilities with you, explain the recognition procedure and name the responsible Authority Approving Body. If necessary, we will accompany you through the entire process per mail, telephone or personally.

For Counsellors:  Our work is closely linked to regional networks and we take pride in that fact. We advise Employment market facilities, institutions of the Migration Advisory services, voluntary and other specialist departments particularly in complex legal procedures.

Qualification Counselling: If you have already begun the Recognition procedure and have received a partial equality status, we will support you further in a fast and uncomplicated way – ideally up to complete recognition. We explain the Certificate of Recognition and identify the career options, establish possible qualification paths and means of financial support.