Railway mission

The Railway Mission offers unbureaucratic aid to rail travellers. Persons with mobility constraints are aided when changing trains or accompanied on regional transport. On selected routes, children travelling alone are taken care of. Full-time and voluntary staff are available at railway stations for small and big questions which cause stress for travellers. More information

Advice and support for young immigrants

You are new in Germany? You need advice and support? We accompany young immigrants between the age of 12 and 27 years during the early days in Germany. We assist with educational questions as well as with legal, financial and personal problems. Furthermore, we arrange language courses and qualification procedures and offer advice regarding Degrees (qualifications) acquired abroad. Additionally, Groups are available at many locations since people learn better when grouped. More information

Hostel for young women in Stuttgart

The Hildegardisheim is a hostel for young women located in the heart of Stuttgart. It offers many activities for your recreation as aerobics, ping pong, swimming, skating, disco, international evenings, autogenous training, freestyle events, etc. More information

Wilde Hilde Day Care Centre Stuttgart

Up to 145 children from the age of one- to six years sing, play, laugh and learn in the 11 groups which make up the “Wilde Hilde” Day Care Centre. Around 60 children thereof, between the age of one- to three years are in the “Kleinen  Hilla” Crèche at the “Wilde Hilde” Day Care Centre. More information

Recognition Procedure Counselling

We're helping Immigrants to get a recognition of qualifications, they've acquiered abroad. We also advise councellors of institutions who are treating thems of qualification. More information

Bildungsberatung Hochschule

We can also give you advice and counselling in English:

  • in all questions concerning your academic career or studies
  • if you wish to continue qour studies or start your academic work in Germany
  • about the acceptance/acknowlegdement of your School certificate or University diploma
  • we compile an individual Training Curriculum for you
  • give guidance through the German education and employment System:

More informations